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10 Inspiring Photo Blogs

I know a lot of professional and amateur photographers, and I’ve always had an appreciation for photography. The high-quality cameras most of our phones have on them and social media has made most of us try our hand at photography so we’ve all gotten a glimpse at how difficult it can be to get that perfect shot.

I have so much respect for photographers who have truly perfected their craft, who really know how to frame amazing shots and create breathtaking photographs. Although writing is my main art form, I continue to draw a great deal of inspiration from other art forms. Those of you who subscribe to my weekly creativity tips mailing list know I always include a photo of the week.

Photography can help us to see the world differently. It can show us things that we would never get to see in real life. It can help us to find new perspectives and see people from new angles. Literally and figuratively. Photography can inspire us as writers, musicians, actors, or just creative people in general. So here are 10 inspiring photography blogs for those of us who enjoy looking at amazing photographs.

1. They Shoot Film

This photo collection is put together by Garrick Fujii.

2. Everything Everywhere

This is a travel photo blog curated by Gary Arndt.

3. Daily Dose of Imagery

This is the blog of Sam Talayeh.

4. New York Daily Photo

This blog from Brian Dubé centers around New York City.

5. James Nord

A photo blog that is curated by James Nord of New York City.

6. Pixel Candy

This is a nature photo blog from Thomas Bonin.

7. Daily Walks

A fine art photo blog from Diane Varner.

8. Dutch PhotoDay

This is a photo blog from two photographers from the Netherlands.

9. Big Picture

A photo blog from the Boston Globe.

10. In Photos Dot Org

A photo blog run by Donncha O Caoimh.

So the next time you need some inspiration, I encourage you to visit one of these blogs and just skim through the wonderful shots. It always works for me!