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5 Reasons Why Creativity is the Secret Weapon for Success – Guest Post by Johanna Cider

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It’s no secret that the modern working milieu tends to undervalue creativity. Indeed, it’s long been supposed that creative people and material success are mutually exclusive. For the artistic among us, this perception can be a real hit to the guts – but is there actually any truth to it?

We think not. In fact, creativity is aligned with a whole set of qualities that are vital to career success. Additionally, even in an age actively anticipating the rise of Artificial Intelligence, no scientist has yet been able to computerize the cognitive ability of creativity. Here are just a few of the leading ways how creativity can pave your path to personal and professional success.

1. Creativity = Sustenance for life

During financial or personal challenges, it’s often the light of creativity that guides us out from the dark. This is because creativity tends to be coexistent with self-belief: the inner faith in your talents and projects that keeps you going when external events are obstructing your way. Living a creative existence can be a lonely, embattled path, but if you truly believe in your vocation, we’re betting you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Recall Steve Jobs’ “reality distortion field”. Jobs’ stubborn refusal to accept reality as it was led him to create his own version of reality and invite others into it – until, you guessed it, he had convinced so many people of his inner vision that he achieved monumental success.
Until you achieve the same heights as Jobs, take solace in your love for the work and ideas that you’re pursuing to get to that success. To this end, it’s vital that creative people have a custom-made space in which they can produce their great ideas or works. Establish one room in the home as your dedicated creative space, and decorate the walls with whatever inspires you (be that paintings, posters of entrepreneurs, or pictures of your own family heroes).

If you don’t have any spare rooms to work with, a shipping container add-on can be a fantastic solution. Not only are shipping containers cost-effective options, but they can be purchased at the perfect size for a backyard office, and can be easily decorated to create the perfect creative haven. Say goodbye to distractions, and hello to sustaining creativity!

2. Creativity = Problem-solving capacity

When major challenges arise in any business, it’s invariably the creatives who pipe up to resolve it. Taking risks, keeping an open mind, going beyond common ways of thinking are all attributes of creative people – who see every ‘problem’ as an opportunity. If one way doesn’t work, they’ll have the courage to try another, and if necessary, as many different options as possible. Very often, it’s this childlike, optimistic urge to experiment that powers a creative mind – an ability that managers will value when things go awry.

Image Source: Unsplash

3. Creativity = Innovation

Don’t be fooled into thinking that “innovation” is some sleek, professional attribute that you can only learn in business school. Rather, innovation is a byword for creativity – and every business (whether it’s your own or someone else’s) needs creativity to progress.
Whether it’s making a vital intervention in product development or thinking up a radical new client outreach plan, there are myriad ways you can distill your way of creative thinking into a professional, moneymaking context.

4. Creativity = Ambition

It can be tempting to think of creative people as so wrapped up in their own daydreams that they don’t have any time for reality. While this may be partly true, it’s as important to recognize the ambition inherent in creative people’s visualization of alternate scenarios, worlds, and ultimately, of their own future.

Daydreams and doodles help creative people to visualize their destination in an unusually tangible way – and if they are then motivated to take the tangible steps to get there, they will be some of the most unstoppable people in the world.

5. Creativity = Owning your own ideas

There are many ways that the world conspires to remove the difference and personality from all of us. We all know that feeling of trudging home from a day in the office and wondering if all our effort has a point. In these situations, keeping sight of our creativity allows us to maintain a grasp on who we are as unique, imaginative individuals.

There’s a real danger in conceding to thinking like the crowd. After all, what sets successful people apart from the herd is their ideological autonomy. Not only do successful, creative people think unlike anyone else, but they refuse to diminish their individuality by comparing themselves with others who may fit the norm. You know what they say: comparison is the thief of joy (and of creativity, too).

So: read a book, visit a museum, watch a dance performance – and remember how world-changing great ideas can be.

Johanna Cider is a freelance writer who especially enjoys writing about lifestyle, business and career topics, and has written for various blogs and sites including Trustpower. You can easily find Johanna and her work on Tumblr.