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5 Ways to Experience Art this Weekend

Most of us all love art in some capacity. We love to go see live music, we love to watch movies, we love to go to art museums, we love to see Shakespeare and Broadway musicals. But you don’t have to wait for Radiohead or Hamilton or Salvador Dalí paintings to come to town to experience art. (Let’s face it. You probably can’t get Hamilton tickets anyway.) Here are four things you can do this weekend to get more art into your life. And in the process, you’ll be supporting local artists, and you’ll probably be exposed to art you would never otherwise be exposed to.

1. See a local band.

Chances are, there are a ton of music venues near you that you don’t even know about. Use a site like Jambase to look up shows near you, listen to the bands who are playing, find one you like, and go see them. Trust me, as someone who’s been in her share of local bands, I was always super excited when random people happened to show up at one of my shows.

2. Go to an art gallery.

Yes, there’s probably a big art museum near you where you can go see the big names in art, but there are also probably a ton of smaller art galleries featuring work from local artists. It just takes a little searching to find them. Try Googling “art galleries near me” and see what comes up. A lot of towns will even have art walks on the first Friday of the month where all of the art galleries have openings at the same time, and they all serve wine and cheese. It’s fancy!

3. See a play.

Everyone knows about shows like Romeo & Juliet and The Phantom of the Opera. But chances are–especially if you live in a metropolitan area–there are a ton of smaller theatres near you. It might take a little Googling to find them, but most cities have a culture and arts magazine like Creative Loafing that will list all of the plays. You can even find deals on tickets on sites like Goldstar and Groupon.

4. See a standup comedian. 

You don’t have to wait for Steve Harvey or Jerry Seinfeld if you want to see some standup comedy. In many cities, there are smaller comedy clubs where local and touring upcoming comedians are. You might get to see the next SNL cast member and not even know it! And who doesn’t love to laugh?

5. Get on Patreon.

In the event that you live in a tiny town or can’t leave the house and none of the other things are possible, I encourage you to browse Patreon. There are a ton of artists on there of all kinds, and they all need your support! Sometimes, the musicians will even play exclusive shows for their supporters on Patreon. There is a ton of free content you can check out from all of the artists on Patreon. Then you can support your favorites for the price of a cup of coffee a month.