6 Amazing Blogs for Creative People to Read

One of the best things about the internet is that there is so much material to be inspired by. No matter what kind of artist or creative person you are, a great thing to do when you need periodic inspiration is to read blogs and sign up for mailing lists. (Of course, I recommend the weekly creativity tip mailing list!) Here is a list of seven amazing blogs for creative people to read.

1. The Creative Penn


The Creative Penn is run by Joanna Penn, and it’s mainly geared towards writers, but not always. Sometimes there are more general blogs about creativity. Joanna Penn also has a weekly podcast about writing/publishing that I would definitely recommend to all writers. She also frequently has interesting guest posts from all sorts of authors. (A guest post I wrote is even being posted tomorrow!)

2. We Made This


We Made This is primarily a graphic design blog, but it can also be quite inspirational for the creative person in general. Plus, it just looks really cool. But who wouldn’t expect that from a graphic designer?

3. Hooked


This is a really cool blog that showcases the best street art all over the world. It’s absolutely fascinating and inspirational to look at. It takes the ordinary worlds people live in and asks us to see the beautiful creations that are around us every day.

4. Coursera


Most people know the website Coursera for being the place to go to learn new skills and subjects by taking amazing courses from some of the top universities in the world for free. Did you also know that Coursera has a blog? And it will definitely inspire you to stretch, grow, learn, and create.

5. C.R.A.F.T.


C.R.A.F.T. is not only about actual crafts, but it’s an acronym that stands for Creating Really Awesome Fun Things in this blog. You can discover how to do seasonal craft projects like unique pumpkin carving designs, crafts using everyday items like coffee filter crafts, and fun projects like Sharpie tie-dye t-shirts.

6. Taste Dive


Taste Dive helps you to discover new music, books, movies, TV shows, etc. based on your favorites and what other people are enjoying. It’s a great resource if you’re trying to find a new movie to check out for movie night with your spouse or if you want to listen to a new band on a road trip.

These are just a few examples of blogs that will inspire you to create art, experience other people’s art, learn something, or try something new. Have a look at just one of the above that grabbed your attention, and do some exploring.