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8 Ways to Be Creative on Social Media

These days, we spend so much of our lives on social media. Why shouldn’t we use these platforms as a way to get creative? There are lots of people across many social media platforms that are using it as a way to be creative like the Instagram poets for example. Here are some ideas about different ways you can use eight of the main social media apps/websites to be creative.

1. Instagram – Participate in a monthly photo challenge. I’ve already spoken about photo challenges on Instagram and how much fun they are. Search around and find one that looks fun to you! And then jump in and join the fun.

2. Pinterest – Find a DIY project and do it! There are a ton of DIY projects on Pinterest–from craft projects to recipes to home improvement projects. Browse the DIY pins and find one that looks interesting to you. Then you can try it! If it succeeds, you’ll have an awesome craft or meal. If it fails, you can look at other Pinterest fails and have a good laugh about it.

3. Tumblr – Reblog your favorite fan art. All of the fandoms have amazing fan art on Tumblr. Look up you’re favorite book, movie, or TV show, and see what kind of fan art people are doing. There is some really great Harry Potter fan art on there for example. Then you can reblog your favorites so you can always go back and look at them when you want to.

4. Twitter – Tweet a haiku. Twitter is the perfect platform for the short poetry form of the haiku. This traditional Japanese poetry form has three lines. The first line is five syllables, the second is seven, and the last line is five. Try your hand at tweeting a haiku.

5. Facebook – Tell a story on Facebook. We’re all constantly sharing photos and highlights on Facebook with our friends and family, but when was the last time you told a complete story on Facebook with a beginning, middle, and end? It can be a fictional story or something that really happened to you recently. Your friends and family will enjoy getting to read something a little different.

6. LinkedIn – Create a post about how to use creativity specifically in your job. Whether you’re an accountant, an office manager, or an Uber driver, there are always ways to make your work environment or your actual job more creative. Maybe there are creative ways to organize a supply closet. Maybe you’ve started your own version of Carpool Karaoke when driving. Whatever it is, write out a post and tell people about it on LinkedIn!

7. SnapChat – Design a chat filter. Alright, so SnapChat is the only one on this list that I don’t actually use. I am familiar with it though, especially given how much work I do in internet and social media marketing. And one of the most fun things about SnapChat is the chat filter. Try designing your own chat filter! And get your friends to use it.

8. YouTube – Document your life for a month, and make a video. Start filming everything you can to document your life, and at the end of the month, put it all together in a video. You can watch some other Document Your Life videos to get inspiration.

So there you have it. I’m expecting to see a lot more creativity in my social media feeds!