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Creativity Spotlight: Interview with author, Sarah Lampkin

This week, author, Sarah Lampkin, stops by to talk creative process.

Most of you probably heard my recent announcement that Parliament House Press will be publishing my time travel novel, Time After Time, in the fall of 2020. One of the great things about being added to the Parliament House team is that I’ve gotten to meet a lot of super-talented authors. Sarah Lampkin is one of those!

So here you go everyone. An interview with Sarah Lampkin!

What is your main form of creative expression?

My dreams when I’m asleep? Haha. My writing is how I am able to express my creativity the best. There are times I wish I could become an artist and bring my stories to life with more than just words, but sadly, I wasn’t blessed with that kind of talent.

Do you work as an artist/creative full-time or do you have a different day job?

I have a completely different day job! Currently, I am a technical writer/editor for a government contractor, working on software development. Living near DC basically means my day job would probably always be somewhat involved with the government. 

How long have you been creating music/books/plays/films/etc.?

I’ve been writing since 2005, which was high school days for me. It started with a young adult fiction book dealing with angels and demons, which made sense since I was going to a Baptist high school. But it has evolved quite a bit since then.

How do you find time to be creative when you have a separate day job?

Honestly, I’ve been finding it difficult to do so. Lately, I’ve been working a lot of overtime, trying to meet a release deadline. But whenever I come home and don’t pass out right away, I’ll sit in my kitchen, in the dark, and begin writing with some intense music playing.

Do you engage in any additional creative hobbies? Are there any you’d like to try? 

Not really. My hobbies tend to be more active. For instance, I go to the gym for two hours every weekday, early in the morning. In the fall/winter, I will go archery hunting with my dad. Hunting is very therapeutic for me since it allows me to become zen in the woods. Other than that, you can find me playing RPGs a lot.

Who are some other artists and creatives that inspire you to create?

Lynne Ewing has already been a huge inspiration to me. We have been pen pals on and off for the past decade and it was always with her encouragement that I continued my writing journey.

Why do you create?

If I don’t create, I would fall into the darkness. I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t create my own worlds.

What advice do you have for other creatives?

Despite the discouragement from either yourself or others, keep moving forward. Keep creating. Because if you don’t, who will?

What are you working on right now?

The sequel to my debut novel in the Dead Dreamer series is being released this October, so I’m working with the publisher to prep for the release. I’m also working on a side story, as well as the content edits of Dead Dreamer #3 which will be released next year!

Where can people find you and your work?

My work can be found on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble. I can always be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Not to mention my website

Thanks for letting me pick your brain, Sarah! If I didn’t create, I would fall into the darkness, too!