Creativity Spotlight: Interview with Crocheter, Jenessa Albertson
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Today, the awesome Jenessa Albertson is stopping by to talk creativity. I first met Jenessa on Booktube – the bookish section of YouTube where we all talk about books. In addition to making great Booktube videos, Jenessa also crochets! She was kind enough to stop by to give her thoughts on crocheting and creativity.

So here you go everyone, an interview with Jenessa Albertson!

What is your main form of creative expression?

I crochet, specifically I make hats, scarves, headbands, and an occasional novelty item.

Do you work as an artist/creative full-time or do you have a different day job?

Crocheting is my hobby which has morphed into an almost part-time job. I’m a teacher but crocheting has been something that has helped creatively and mentally for most of my life.

How long have you been crocheting?

My grandma and aunt taught me how to crochet when I was eight. I haven’t stopped stitching since (I’m now 25).

How do you find time to be creative when you have a separate day job?

Crocheting is a creative outlet for me. It not only inspires me but it helps calm my mind. I have anxiety and sometimes when I’m obsessing over something or stressed out, the simple sitting and concentrating on a pattern helps me work through my anxiety.
I usually make time to crochet. I crochet during movies, when hanging out with friends, and even during lunch breaks. Most of the time its to help my brain, but if an art fair is approaching then it’s to create products to sell.

Do you engage in any additional creative hobbies? Are there any you’d like to try?

I love creating! I make bookish videos, play the ukulele and banjo, cross stitch, bullet journal, and write! Creating is an outlet and I take advantage of that as much as I can!

Who are some other artists and creatives that inspire you to create?

I don’t have a particular crochet artist that inspires me in my crocheting world. I’m lucky enough to live in a small, creative community where sharing art is a usual event. Whether it’s seeing our grocer sing Frank Sinatra or watching a local Tlingit (Alaska Native tribe) dance company perform, I’m inspired to create something of my own.

Why do you create?

I create to release stress, to give to others, and somethings just to entertain myself.

What advice do you have for other creatives?

Share your art. It’s difficult at first, I should know, it took me years to show my crochet work to the public. But sharing art is so rewarding. You’ll find that you can inspire while also being inspired.

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on some baby/toddler Viking hats for my nephews. The holidays are approaching so my hands are stitching away!

Where can people find you and your work?

Thank you for letting me pick your brain, Janessa! I used to love to crochet although I haven’t in a while. You’ve inspired me to pick it back up!