Creativity Spotlight: Interview with REEDality Radio founder and writer, E Reed

Today, for the first creativity spotlight interview of 2019, the fabulous, E Reed, stops by to talk creative process. E is one of the amazing people I have met on Holonis, a platform that has so many creative people and interesting entrepreneurs. I am thrilled that she stopped by to give us her thoughts about creativity.

So here you go, everyone, an interview with E Reed!

What is your main form of creative expression?

My main form is writing, customized videos and my radio show (REEDality Radio) on Spreaker. Writing is a cathartic release. I can say anything and everything with the power and choice to share it or keep it to myself. When I make videos, it allows me to be visually expressive with my creativity. The norm to be creative in video making is to use a desktop application. I create everything from my phone using apps I have taken the time to learn and master over the last two years. My radio show is my brainchild. I have always wanted to do radio. I was blessed with the opportunity to be the women’s point of view radio personality on KPFA Radio in Berkeley, CA. After I moved to Mississippi I decided to keep the radio momentum going and started my own broadcast. Music saved my life. So it only feels right to possibly pay it forward. Something I play on my show may just save someone too. These main forms of creativity allow me to express myself without explaining.

Do you work as an artist/creative full-time or do you have a different day job?

My day job is always full time. I’m a stay at home mom. There’s always something going on… lol. However, my career never sleeps either. I also wear the hat of a business strategist/consultant. I creatively assist and develop strategies for personal brands and small businesses. I love discussing business and helping people to reach or exceed their expectations and goals. It’s always a great feeling when I see a client maximize their ability and potential.

How long have you been creating music/books/plays/films/etc.?

I have been a creative all my life. I truly believe I was born with the ability to create and build already installed. I started reading at the age of two. From there, the desire and curiosity to see what I could do became its own muse. I learned in college the business term is “change agent”. Somehow I’m able to see a bigger picture. Once I see it, I do what I can to plan it and create it.

How do you find time to be creative?

Time management is my ultimate key. Knowing I create everything on my phone with high-end quality, I find time in between any activity throughout the day. Anyplace, anything, anyone, and anywhere could be my inspiration to create something. I guess when it’s a passion, time to create creates itself.

Do you engage in any additional creative hobbies? Are there any you’d like to try?

Yes and yes!! I have always wanted to create something on canvas. Whether it be a painting, or something abstract using other material. I used to make pillows when I was a kid. I have decided to start that up again and sell them. I also started creating original pieces on the Tee Spring website. The site allows you to make merchandise with your own vision. I’m sure I will find more I will want to create in the near future. So stay tuned… lol

Who are some other artists and creatives that inspire you to create?

Ronald Dahl; Oprah Winfrey; Tyler Perry; Stephen King; Rick Barker; Richard Hollis; Richard “DJ Igor Beatz” Gray; my mother, Phyliss Betty Reed; my grandmother, Katherine Reed; my aunt, Dorrisplay Reed-Duncan; my cousin, Phyliss Souza; Jim Carrey; Robin Williams;  John Gotti; NeNe Leakes; Walt Disney; Mae West; and the young child I was. All of these names have made an impact on what I have done, do now, and plan to do in the future.

Why do you create?

Stress release! Creating taps into your emotions, subconscious, and mental health. Being a creative visionary is a gift I value and cherish. Even when I was a Massage Therapist, I was creative with the routine I developed to heal the patients I worked on.

What advice do you have for other creatives?

Give yourself permission. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Whatever needs and wants to get out, let it out. And whatever you create, find a balance to get paid for it without selling yourself short. YOUR VOICE MATTERS TOO!!

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on new shows for my radio network, always building out my #Holospace on Holonis, I enjoy using the TikTok app. The demand is increasing to assist more personal brands and small businesses. I’m going to be published for a 2nd time in an anthology book for writers. Lastly, I’m working on my own book.

Where can people find you and your work?

Everyone can find me on Holonis. My #Holospace is my headquarters. I have enjoyed building out my account showcasing the core of who I am, what I believe, what I’ve done, and content that is specifically designed to encourage and inspire any and all who view it.


Thank you for letting me pick your brain, E! “Anyplace, anything, anyone, and anywhere could be my inspiration to create something. I guess when it’s a passion, time to create creates itself.” AMEN.