Creativity Spotlight: Interview with Theatrical Director and Artist, A. Julian Verner

Today, theatrical director and artist, A. Julian Verner, stops by the blog to talk creative process. I first met Julian in 2016 when he was hired to direct the production of my play, The Spins, at Out of Box Theatre. He did an amazing job capturing the real essence of my play, and I have really enjoyed keeping up with all of the theatrical productions he’s been involved with since then.

So, here you go, everyone! An interview with A. Julian Verner.

(Note: I typically keep it pretty PG on my blogs/videos, but there is some colorful language in this one, just FYI.)

What is your main form of creative expression?

Directing, sometimes Prop Fabrication or woodworking. I also fucking love to cook, the bigger the better.

Do you work as an artist/creative full-time or do you have a different day job?

I did for a year. But the ATL theatre community showed it did not want me by not paying me for months on end.

How long have you been creating music/books/plays/films/etc.?

Over 15 years.

How do you handle the pressures of creativity being your job? Or how do you find time to be creative if you have a separate day job?

I work 80 hours a week, I have no separate anything. The pressures of the job are nothing compared to the pressures of working with the egos and apathy of the people who run the institution.

Do you engage in any additional creative hobbies? Are there any you’d like to try?

I drive. I cook. I try to survive. I camp. I make money. I do jobs. I flirt. I don’t get flirted back with. And I plan and write and sing and journal and draw and see the beautiful within the dirt.

Who are some other artists and creatives that inspire you to create?

Hunter S. Thompson. Tim Burton. German Expressionism. Surrealism. Wes Anderson.

Why do you create?

Because if I didn’t the fire in my belly would probably lead to me making one too many mistakes in a row. To find the rest the was not provided to me on this earth.

What advice do you have for other creatives?

  • Georgia Lawyers of the Arts. If you make less than 30K and I know you do, they provide FREE legal consultation. $50 membership.
  • C4 Atlanta. Best resource for artists. $40 membership for a whole host of benefits.
  • Keep every receipt. Log every mile.
  • Record every contact you have with any organization. File every email in its own category. Make notes with dates. Don’t be stupid.

What are you working on now?

Living life on my own fucking terms. Do no harm, welcome all.

Where can people find you and your work?


Thanks so much for allowing me to pick your brain, Julian! I always try to see the beautiful within the dirt, too.