Find Creative Expression

A girl painting an abstract painting with the white Find Creative Expression logo

Hey everyone!

I’m launching Find Creative Expression as not just a podcast, but an entire brand. So what does that mean?

In addition to continuing the podcast, I’ll be posting blog posts here for artists and creatives of all types. I’m going to talk about tips, ways to be more creative, and ways to use art and creativity for self-development.

I’m also going to post videos about creativity on my YouTube channel.

In addition, I have revamped the weekly creativity mailing list, and I will be sending out an email every Monday with a helpful tip or thought about art and creativity. Click here to join the mailing list.

And for those of you who do Facebook, I have started a Facebook group where we can all come together as artists and creatives. Click here to join the Facebook group.

I know this seems like a lot of content, and it is! But I have recently discovered that while I always thought my calling was just creating art (writing, music, theatre, etc.), a bigger part of my calling is helping other people through art and creativity.

So my goal is to provide helpful and thought-provoking content, and creating a space where we can all come together as people who create. I am starting a creativity coaching program in the summer, and I hope to also eventually write some nonfiction books about creativity.

I’ve had such a blast talking to all of the amazing creative people on my podcast, and I wanted to continue to connect with other creative people online and provide helpful resources as well!