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How to Stay Creative When Life Blows Up

Hey everyone! It’s been a while.

I’ve decided to revamp the creativity blog after my brief absence from web content. (I blogged a little bit about this over on my personal page.) I’m bringing back the creativity interviews (which I may actually start doing as a podcast – still undecided about that) and music recommendation Mondays and creativity/inspiration posts on Thursdays.

That brings me to this post. So I’ve managed to stay creative even as my life was blowing up. This happens to all of us.

1. Be easy on yourself.

Life isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s effing difficult, and there’s no getting around it. So if you’re in a phase of your life where everything is being hard on you, the last thing you need to do is be hard on yourself. You haven’t felt like writing every day? Is your guitar collecting dust in the corner? Have you simply not felt like painting? That is okay. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself time to adjust to the changes in your life.

2. Now is the time to try something new.

Maybe you don’t want to be creative in the ways that you usually are. Maybe you don’t feel like writing or playing guitar or painting. This is a great time to learn a new way to be creative. Have you always wanted to crochet? Do you love singing karaoke? Always wanted to try an adult coloring book? It’s okay to be creative in any capacity, even if the thing you want to do isn’t considered “art” by most people. (First of all, that’s crap. Anything that’s creative has value in my opinion.)

3. Let yourself be inspired.

Maybe you don’t want to create much right now, but maybe you want to binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix or read a lot or listen to your favorite albums. All of these things can help you to be more creative if you look at them from that lense. Allow yourself to be inspired by the storytelling in your favorite show or the beautiful chord progressions in your favorite album. Allow yourself to appreciate a lovely sentence in your favorite book. Being inspired may help you to create more. So allow yourself to be inspired.

4. Try journaling.

I don’t mean literally writing in a journal although that may be the best way to do it for some of you. It could also mean keeping a sketchbook or writing songs and poems where you just document your life. The point is to create about your life, to give yourself the freedom to get your thoughts and feelings down without the pressure of it being “art.” Just allow yourself to create for the sake of creating.

I’ve done all of these things during this challenging time. I’ve written in my journal nearly every day. I’ve binged on my favorite shows on Netflix. I’ve been creative in different ways than I usually am. And I’ve tried to be easy on myself. All of these things have helped me to stay creative even though the outside circumstances of my life haven’t been great. And creating has helped bring me through this difficult time in my life. And you may just find that it does the same for you.