Music Recommendation Monday: Slowdive by Slowdive
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Music is quite possibly my biggest inspiration. For me, all creativity is fed by my love for music. It’s essential for me to make a playlist every time I start on a new story or play. So much can be said through music that can’t be said any other way. Music is a universal language that we all understand.

Because music always inspires me to be more creative, I thought it would be a great thing to share with you all. So I wanted to start a music recommendation Monday.

Today, I’m talking about

Slowdive by Slowdive
Album released in 2017

Slowdive is an interesting band. They put out some music in the 90s which was WAY ahead of its time. It’s a sort of type of alternative rock referred to as “shoegaze” because the guitarists supposedly stare at their shoes when they’re playing. The thing I love the most about Slowdive is the intricate layers to their music. Their album Souvlaki stayed on repeat in my CD player (or on my computer) for months at a time when I first discovered them. And throughout my twenties, I always came back to that album. It’s still one of my all-time favorites.

So I was beyond ecstatic when they released Slowdive in 2017, their first album in over two decades. Although they didn’t get much traction with all the grunge bands in the 90s, the band developed a sort of cult following which led to them touring in the past few years and ultimately producing this album.

Slowdive is amazing from start to finish. There isn’t one track I don’t like on this album.

For fans of: Mazzy Star, M83, Spiritualized, Sigur Ros

My favorite tracks: “Don’t Know Why” and “No Longer Making Time”

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