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Creativity Spotlight: Musician, Verge Bliss

album cover Dendera Bloodbath

Today, I’d like to welcome to the blog, my friend, Verge Bliss.

I first met Verge in 2010 or 2011 when I was playing Atlanta venues in my band, Pocket the Moon, and she was playing bass and singing for Verge of Bliss, an amazing rock band in the truest sense of the word. Now she lives in Los Angeles where she releases goth/industrial music as Dendera Bloodbath, described as “Victorian power tools” by David Weinstein of Give the Drummer Radio.

She’s one of the most creative people I know. Once at a Verge of Bliss show, she gave out about twenty VoB t-shirts she made to the audience, and each one looked different. And she’s always doing her part to support other artists. I remember playing a Pocket the Moon show at a very chill art gallery once. There weren’t many people there, and those who were weren’t being particularly enthusiastic, but Verge was dancing and really getting into the music. When you’re playing a show as a local musician to a room full of people who look kind of bored, having even one person actually listen and engage with your music means the world.

So, here you go, everyone! An interview with Verge Bliss!

Virginia Bliss singing

What is your main form of creative expression?
I do noise.

Do you work as an artist/creative full-time or do you have a different day job?
My day job is in Biology — I have worked in a few types of research laboratories in the past and currently am part of the histology team at Quest Diagnostics.

How long have you been creating music/books/plays/films/etc.?
As long as I can remember. My parents gave me one of those brown Fisher Price tape players with the microphone when I was very small.

How do you handle the pressures of creativity being your job? 
It’s tough to find that balance sometimes and occasionally it does create friction with whatever day job I have. Compartmentalization is key to being able to make it all work.

Do you engage in any additional creative hobbies? Are there any you’d like to try? 
Yes. I do a variety of handicrafts that fall into the overarching category of “women’s work” and I have also begun in the past few years building noise instruments and electronics as a way of supplementing my income while on tour.

Who are some other artists and creatives that inspire you to create?
I just moved to Los Angeles and basically all my friends here have inspired me to the highest degree.

Why do you create?
I don’t have a reason. I just do.

What advice do you have for other creatives?
No one is going to give you permission to create so you better just do it.

Where can people find you and your work?


Everyone go listen to Dendera Bloodbath to hear more. Thanks so much for allowing me to pick your brain, Verge! 

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