New Blog! What Creativity Means to Me
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Hey everyone! I’ve decided to start a new blog about creativity.

I’ve been struggling lately with my place in the world. I’m at a weird age (almost 33), I work from home which means I don’t leave the house enough, most of my good friends have moved, I’m married now but my husband and I don’t intend to have children, and my spiritual beliefs seem to be shifting. I’ve been looking around at how divided we all are. Republicans. Democrats. Christians. Atheists. Conservatives. Liberals. etc. etc. I don’t feel like I fit into any of these neat little labels. And in a world where it always seems to be Us vs. Them (whichever side you’re on), a world full of vitriol and sarcastic memes, it can be a little depressing. I have so many different types of people on my social media who fall at different places on the political and ideological spectrum, and sometimes, I can’t help but feel a little isolated when I’m scrolling through my feed (which is like, 90%, of my social interaction with people).

I had sort of an a-ha moment the other day, though, when I realized that literally everyone I know–the Democrats, the atheists, the Christians, the Buddhists, family members, friends–has creativity in common. Literally, everyone! I looked at my list of friends on Facebook, and I didn’t see the liberals and the conservatives anymore. I saw the painters, the musicians, the playwrights, the authors, the doodlers, the crocheters, the colorers, the accordion players (okay so maybe just one of those), the photographers, the music lovers, the book nerds, the film geeks, the actors, the dancers, the performers, the creators. Everyone I know creates. Some of them make a living as full-time authors of novels, songwriters, painters, graphic designers, etc. Some of them sing karaoke. Some of them sing at church. Some of them doodle with ink pens. Some of them paint elaborate paintings on rocks. Some of them make YouTube videos or blog posts.

Creativity is the one thing that unites all of us. Even those of us who wouldn’t call themselves artists use creativity every day to come up with marketing strategies, to decorate the living room, or to put together a new Spotify playlist.

I wanted to start a blog where I could celebrate everyone’s creativity, a place where I could shine a spotlight on the tons and tons of amazing creative people I know, a place where I could offer the advice I have for other creatives, and a place where I could provide a tiny bit of inspiration for all you creatives.

I hope you will all join me on this journey. I will be sending out weekly creativity tips at the beginning of every week starting next Monday (5/14) so sign up for the mailing list if you are interested in that. I will be doing weekly interviews with creatives on Fridays starting next Friday (5/11). (Please let me know if you’re interested in being interviewed! You can fill out the contact form to get in touch with me.) I really just want to create a space where we can all feel inspired and focus on one of the things that unites us. So next time you are getting a little sick of the anger and fear that seems to be dominating so much in our culture these days, I hope you can close your eyes, take a breath, and unleash your creativity.