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Defining success on your own terms with musician and songwriter, Kim Ware

Kim and I chat about her experience as a songwriter and the founder of an indie record label, how to juggle art and a day job, and how art connects us all. The Good Graces Kim Ware on Patreon The Quarantuned Podcast Kim Ware on Instagram Kim Ware on Twitter

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Find Creative Expression Podcast

Writing #ownvoices chronically ill characters with author and poet, Madeline Dyer

Madeline and I discuss writing dystopian literature during a pandemic, how writing poems helped Madeline to better understand her brain inflammation, representation of disability and illness in books and the importance of #ownvoices, and writing process. Madeline Online Madeline Dyer website Madeline Dyer Twitter Madeline Dyer Facebook Madeline Dyer Instagram Madeline Dyer YouTube

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