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Using Binaural Beats for Creativity

My husband, Peter, recently got me some Beats headphones, and they’re amazing. They go over the ear, and when I have them on, I really can’t hear anything else other than whatever I’m listening to. So I thought now that I have some nice headphones, I would give binaural beats a try.

I’ve been listening to focus music on YouTube with binaural beats while I’m writing my web content, and my productivity has really gone up since I started doing that. I’m able to write a lot faster.

What are binaural beats? Basically, binaural beats are a set of frequencies, and when you listen to them in headphones, your left ear hears one frequency and your right ear hears another, which makes you perceive a beat that isn’t actually present. It’s sort of like an auditory optical illusion, and it trains your brain to get into a different state. (At least, that’s my understanding of binaural beats.)

Okay, so I may have botched the scientific explanation, but there have been several studies that have proven that brain wave entrainment does actually work. Anyway, if you believe they work, they’ll work. Placebo effect, anyone?

Binaural beats have really helped me to focus more, but that’s not all they can do. They can help you feel more at peace, they can help you sleep more soundly, they can even help headaches. They can also help you to get into a more creative state. I haven’t tried to do any creative writing while listening to binaural beats, but my web content did feel more… well, creative. I just felt sharper, and it was easier for me to think of new approaches for whatever I was writing.

So next time you are writing, painting, drawing, coloring in a coloring book, crocheting, making a collage, or any other creative activity you want to pursue, I encourage you to try listening to some binaural beats. They may help you to bust through a creative block or make it easier for you to focus. And that can only be a good thing.

Here are a couple of YouTube videos you can try:

Do any of you have experience with binaural beats? Did they help you? I’d love to hear about it!