Weekly Creativity Tip – Surround Yourself With Other Creative People
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So since this blog is so new, I’m going to post my first weekly creativity tip here. Starting next Monday, I’ll be sending these out so don’t forget to sign up if you’d like to receive a dose of positive inspiration every week!

The weekly brief creativity tip will always be followed by a recommended song, story, and photo. Feel free to chat with me about your creativity this week. I love to hear from you all! This week’s tip is:

Surround yourself with creative people.

You are much more likely to engage in your own creativity if you are hanging out with other creatives. This week, I encourage you to find an artist, writer, painter, poet, dancer, actor, filmmaker, or creative person of any sort that you know and ask them out for coffee. Ask them about their own creative work, and tell them about yours. Don’t know any creatives? Visit meetup.com and find a local group of writers, artists, musicians, theatre lovers, etc. Step outside your comfort zone. Or go online and find a creative person you can chat with!

Who will you chat with this week? I’d love to hear about it!

Song Recommendation
Myth” by Beach House

I got to see Beach House live last week in Chattanooga, and it was amazing. I am loving the tunes I’ve heard from their new album, which releases this Friday, May 11, but my favorite track from them is still this song from their 2012 album, Bloom.

Story Recommendation
3% on Netflix
A dystopian television series

In a future where the elite inhabit an island paradise far from the crowded slums, you get one chance to join the 3% saved from squalor.
Watch the trailer

I’m not quite sure why I’ve been so obsessed with this Brazilian Netflix series lately. Every now and then, I just get in the mood for a dystopian story. This one doesn’t seem quite as dark as some of the other dystopian stories out there for some reason. Maybe it is?

Photo of the Week

Photo by Matt Crump

Have a creative week!