Writing Video Wednesday: Thinking Outside the Box as a Writer

Hey everyone. I’ve got another writing video for you!

You can watch it here.

Here’s the transcript:

Hey everyone. It’s author, Sara Crawford, and I’m here with a writing video for you today.

Today, I’m going to talk about how it’s very important for writers to think outside of the box and always be trying new things. So I have a couple of examples of this.

I have recently started a co-writing experiment with one of my writer friends, and it’s causing me to just totally change my writing approach and try some new things that I’ve never tried before, which is really challenging me as an author, and it’s really switching up my process.

Another example of being able to switch things up: Last year when I wrote my vampire story on the platform, Radish, and I was releasing it as I was writing it. Now I’m still going to go back and revise and get feedback, edit it, get an editor, and do all that stuff before I publish it. It is still on Radish at this point, but I am going to take it down and put it up on Amazon as an actual book.

But just the act of releasing chapters as I was writing them totally changed the way that I was writing. I think it made me write faster because it was like “Oh, I gotta post a chapter or people are going to be wondering why I didn’t.” And it really kind of shows in the way I wrote that story. So I think it will be interesting to go back to that and revise it. And I feel like I might do the rest of the books in that series that way.

But my point is this: If you are a writer, try new things. Try writing in a different place. If you always write in your house, maybe go write at the coffee shop or the library. Try writing with other people, try collaborating. Maybe try writing some fanfiction if you’re into that sort of thing. If you always fly by the seat of your pants, maybe try writing an outline. If you always write an outline, maybe try flying by the seat of your pants. The point is you should never get stuck in one way of doing things as a writer. You should always be pushing the edge, trying new things, and really thinking outside of the box.

So yeah, I just wanted to make a quick video for you guys today talking about this to kind of just get you thinking a little bit more about some ways that you can push the boundaries with your writing. I would love to hear from you down below with maybe some ideas of how you might go about doing that. So yeah, let me know. Thanks so much for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you’d like to see more writing videos. I do a video every Wednesday. Thank you so much for watching. I will see you in the next video.