Writing Video Wednesday: Why Writers Should Watch TV
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Hey guys! I’m back with a writing video today.

You can watch the video here.

Here is the transcript:

Hey, everyone, it’s Sara Crawford, here. And I’ve got a writing video for you today.

So today I wanted to talk about how a lot of people like to give the writing advice: “If you want to be a writer, you have to stop watching TV so you can write more.” And you know this advice is good in theory. But I actually think that if you are a writer, you should not feel bad for watching a lot of TV or watching a lot of movies because if you are consuming a lot of stories, whether they are books, TV shows, audiobooks, movies, a story is a story is a story. Y

eah, maybe actually reading a book takes a little bit more thinking, a little bit more imagination. And it’s definitely important to read books if you want to be a fiction writer, but watching TV and watching movies, there’s still the art of storytelling that you can observe. There is character development. There is plot. There are arcs. There is a lot of intricate storytelling aspects that you can latch onto.

It’s a little different if you’re just vegging out and watching The Bachelor. There is some storytelling value in The Bachelor, to be sure, and there is stuff to learn from The Bachelor, but you know, there is a difference between studying something from a storytelling perspective and just sort of vegging out, but you know, even sometimes vegging out, you need just sort of veg out sometimes. You kind of need your downtime, your relaxing time.

So I think the intent behind this advice is “don’t spend all of your time doing that.” Like eventually you want to get off the couch and write something. Or maybe stay on the couch and write something. But in general I don’t think that you should feel bad for watching a lot of TV. So go Netflix and chill, guys. Although that’s not exactly watching TV… just go Netflix. Thanks for watching this video. I will see you in the next one. Have a good one. *music*